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Church Music Organiser

Installation file for Church Music Organiser. For Vista/7/8/10.
The ZIP file contains a standard Windows installation file. After downloading, you will need to extract the EXE file and run it to install the program.

Last updated: 26/11/2020
Size: 8.2mb
Microsoft .NET Framework

One of the pre-requisites of the program is Microsoft .NET 4.0 or later. The download link to the right will take you to the download site at Microsoft's website.

If you already have a version of .NET installed (version 4.0 or greater) then you won't need to download anything except the Church Music Organiser installation package.

You may only need to download this if you are using Windows XP, Vista or 7. If you have Windows 8 or 10 you shouldn't need to download this at all.

Note: The CMO installer will automatically download and install the .NET Framework if it's not installed already, so you would only need to download this manually if you are planning on installing CMO on a machine that doesn't have an Internet connection.


Microsoft .NET 4.0 Web Installer
Size: 869K
Microsoft .NET Framework website
CMO User Guide

This file contains the Church Music Organiser User guide, which is designed to walk users through the various functions of the program.

Last updated: 17/03/2015

CMO User
Size: 8.3mb
Sample song import file

This file contains a short list of public domain hymns you can download and import into Church Music Organiser.

You can add these hymns into your database by going to the "Help" menu in the program, and selecting "Download and install sample songs...".

To manually install these songs (or if you want to choose which songs to include), download the ZIP file, extract the "hymns.xml" file, and then go to "File/Import..." to import the hymns into your database.

Last updated: 30/06/2014
Size: 46kb

Update History

Version 26 November 2020

  • Added a "Time Remaining" label to the media playback display.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if attempting to copy 'Performed by' data when no data exists.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if attempting to add a contact with no preferred role to a meeting without first selecting a role.
  • Contacts can no longer be added to a meeting when no meeting is selected.

Version 26 May 2020

  • Fixed an error that prevented playback of a media file if the start or end times of the file were edited after it was added to the list.
  • Fixed a program fault that occurred when starting a presentation when the first item is a media file.
  • Fixed issue where stopping a playing media file would hang the program.
  • Media volume and position labels now sizing correctly when font setting changes.
  • Less flickering of the Overhead Display window when media snapshot is active.
  • Spelling correction on the snapshot button.
  • Added hour value to the media file position slider label.
  • When adding media or Powerpoint items to a meeting, the item will be added immediately after clicking the "OK" button.

Version 1 December 2019

  • Added help menu item to send exception email back developer.
  • Improved flexibility when importing OpenLP (sqlite) databases.
  • Fixed some issues correctly importing all data from OpenLyrics (xml) files.
  • Improved invalid login detection when downloading songs from CCLI.
  • Fixed issue with logging into CCLI for usage reporting.
  • Searching for items when a group is selected will now only search within the group.
  • Group items that have a "&" character will now display correctly in the menu.
  • Fixed issues where some invalid Bible references were causing the program to crash during a Bible reference search.

Version 14 January 2019

  • Improvements to the layout of Powerpoint export files.
  • Added option of creating widescreen Powerpoint files.
  • Added option of outputing songs in the verse sequence order (duplicating lyric sections, where required).
  • Setting the min/max font sizes for overheads will force that font size to be used on Powerpoint slides, and no scaling will take place.
  • Fixed connection to CCLI SongSelect download service.
  • Bug fixes for the sync process.
  • Background images will now display on the foldback display.
  • General bug fixes.

Version 7 September 2017

  • Added a contact image to the contacts page.
  • Title and Author can now be set to appear only on the first slide of any song.
  • Added a font size selection option for the song title.
  • Fixed issue where using uppercase "V" in a song overhead order was preventing song order from displaying correctly, as well as preventing PowerPoint output.
  • Fixed issue where invalid song overhead ordering items was preventing PowerPoint files from being created.
  • Fixed issue where songs with brackets in the title were not being displayed correctly on the selected items list on the overhead display dialog.
  • Fixed some font size layout issues on the CCLI update dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where popup helpers were being displayed whtn the OHD Options dialog was opened.

Version 30 September 2016

  • Updated the CCLI song download facility to work with the most recent website updates.
  • Fixed error when attempting to create thumbnail images of zero length files (these files will now be ignored).
  • Better error handling when creating thumbnail images.
  • Better positioning of 'Global image' link on the Overhead Display dialog.
  • The 'Copyright' label on the song detail entry page was being truncated when using the 'Modern Larger' font.
  • Updated NSIS installer software to the latest version.

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Version 18 July 2016

  • Added ability to change the font size and icon/menu widths, to help with visibility on large displays and usibility on touch devices.
  • Added a "ChordPro" song import routine, so entire songs saved in ChordPro format can be imported.
  • Added CCLI reporting fields to the CSV import facility.
  • Improved reliability of the CSV import routine.
  • Added ability to remember the choice from data conflicts during import functions.
  • Added "Text encoding" to the Options dialog, to control the text encoding when read import files and when creating export files.
  • Output to Powerpoint was not including the correct verse sequences.
  • Removed tool tip from the "Display" column on the CCLI download window.
  • Stability improvements to the CCLI download window.
  • Double-clicking of column headings on the Email History dialog would cause a program fault.
  • Columns on all reports will now auto-size to their content.
  • Updated CCLI icons.
  • Sorting of text fields will now ignore spaces when determining sort order.
  • Updated SQLite DB version to 1.0.101
  • Updated installer with an improved .NET checking system.

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Version 3.1 history