While I believe Church Music Organiser is easy to use, there are undoubtedly some elements that might seem confusing if you haven't used them before. To help you get the most out of the program I have created a user guide and compiled some brief training videos of the program in action, with some commentary describing what is taking place.

My hope is that these resources will help to make it clear what the program is capable of, and give you ideas on new ways to make use of the features in your environment.

If there is some part of the system you'd like me to cover in the user guide or a training video, or if you have any feedback regarding the content of the current resources, please let me know via feedback.

Clicking on one of the video links will open a new page with the video on it.

User Guide

Description Download link Updated
Complete User Guide

This download contains the full text of the user guide.

Alternatively, you can download an individual chapter from the links below.
CMO User
Size: 8.3mb
User Guide Chapter 1 - Installation and setup

This chapter covers how to install Church Music Organiser, and the process of running CMO for the first time.

CMO User Guide Ch1.pdf
Size: 838k
User Guide Chapter 2 - Getting started

This chapter covers the process of adding songs from various sources, and getting all of the system setup and ready to use.
CMO User Guide Ch2.pdf
Size: 1.1mb
User Guide Chapter 3 - Making the system yours

In this chapter we look at how to adjust the look of the main program window, and how to add additional information to each of the section lists.
CMO User Guide Ch3.pdf
Size: 524k
User Guide Chapter 4 - Your first meeting

This chapter covers the process of creating your first meeting, adding order of service items, adding songs, and organising your order of service. We go through the process of adding team members in both their preferred role and in other roles, and we transmit the meeting plan, along with all the necessary music, to the team.
CMO User Guide Ch4.pdf
Size: 1.0mb
User Guide Chapter 5 - Advanced meeting topics

In this chapter we look at using groups to streamline adding team members to a meeting, using meeting templates to streamline the order of service process, and using enhanced meetings.
CMO User Guide Ch5.pdf
Size: 740k
User Guide Chapter 6 - Rosters

In this chapter we look at how to create rosters, how to add team members to the roster, emailing the roster to team members, and how the information from the roster flows into new meetings. We also look at the role of groups in rosters.
CMO User Guide Ch6.pdf
Size: 829k
User Guide Chapter 7 - Searching, sorting, bookmarking and grouping

In this chapter we look at basic and advanced searching, and how to sort lists. We also look at how to bookmark and group items, and what things can be done with these facilities.
CMO User Guide Ch7.pdf
Size: 1.1mb
User Guide Chapter 8 - Song lyrics

In this chapter we look at how to best enter lyrics and mark different sections as choruses or bridges. We also look at verse ordering, the importance of it and how to enter them.
CMO User Guide Ch8.pdf
Size: 497k
User Guide Chapter 9 - Song chords

In this chapter we look at how to enter chords, both manually and using keyboard shortcuts, and how to transpose the chord sheet to another key. We also look at how to generate chord sheet documents.
CMO User Guide Ch9.pdf
Size: 883k
User Guide Chapter 10 - Overhead displays - Configuration

In this chapter we look at a lot of the options for formatting the display of overheads, include font and colour options, background options and alignment options. We also look at how to use overhead profiles.
CMO User Guide Ch10.pdf
Size: 1.2mb
User Guide Chapter 11 - Overhead displays - Running the presentation

In this chapter we look at how to run a presentation of song lyrics for a congregation, starting with setting up projectors as multiple displays. We look at the different types of services and how the songs are selected for each type. We look at the overhead display window and the different elements on that form. We go through all the different types of navigation, using the mouse and keyboard, how to do live updates, how to run a presentation in a single user/single screen configuration, and how to use interrupt messages.
CMO User Guide Ch11.pdf
Size: 1.7mb
User Guide Chapter 12 - Custom messages

In this chapter we look at how to create custom messages, and format them for display. We look at how to use inclusion rules to automatically add them to a meeting presentation. We also cover the process of importing and exporting, and how to email custom messages to other CMO users.
CMO User Guide Ch12.pdf
Size: 880k
User Guide Chapter 13 - Bible integration

In this chapter we cover the Bible integration features of CMO, including how to search for songs based on a Bible reference and using the Bible selection dialog. We also cover how to import Bible text and XML files from various sources to allow for Bible passages to be displayed in overheads.
CMO User Guide Ch13.pdf
Size: 1.7mb
User Guide Chapter 14 - System maintenance

In this chapter we look at the backup and restore functions of CMO, as well as the process of compacting the database and clearing data.
CMO User Guide Ch14.pdf
Size: 538k
User Guide Chapter 15 - Synchronisation

In this chapter we look at how to synchronise your CMO database across a number of computer in order to keep them all up to date, and the process of handling conflicts, where two people have updated the same record.
CMO User Guide Ch15.pdf
Size: 1.3mb
User Guide Chapter 16 - CCLI integration

In this chapter we look at how CMO integrates with CCLI with regard to copyright issues and uploading reporting statistics.
CMO User Guide Ch16.pdf
Size: 849k


Description Video link Updated
General system usage

Demonstrates some of the display features of the system, and how to make the system work best for you.
VIMEO - CMO Overview
Length 5:37
Search functions

Explores the search functionality of the program.
VIMEO - CMO Search Functions
Length 7:20
Bookmarks and grouping

Examines the bookmarking and grouping features in the program.
VIMEO - CMO Grouping
Length 5:37
Entering song chords

Details how to add chords to a song.
VIMEO - CMO Chords
Length 5:07
Creating a meeting

Works through the process of creating a basic meeting.
VIMEO - CMO Meetings
Length 7:05
Enhanced meetings

Looks at the options available in enhanced meetings.
VIMEO - CMO Enhanced Meetings
Length 5:54
Song overhead ordering

Demonstrates how to use the overhead ordering options for songs.
VIMEO - CMO Overhead Ordering
Length 7:10
Displaying overheads

Demonstrates the different ways of displaying overheads available within the system.
VIMEO - CMO Overheads
Length 7:00
Creating song documents

Demonstrates how to use the document creation facilities, and some of the options available when creating documents.
VIMEO - CMO Song Documents
Length 6:22

Demonstrates the rostering system; how to create them and how they can be used in the system.
VIMEO - CMO Rosters
Length 8:44